Assembly Bill 1033: A Potential Game-Changer for Lake Tahoe Home Sellers and Buyers

Assembly Bill 1033: A Potential Game-Changer for Lake Tahoe Home Sellers and Buyers

Potentially exciting news has arrived for both home sellers and buyers in the picturesque Lake Tahoe area! Governor Gavin Newsom has recently given his approval to Assembly Bill 1033, a groundbreaking legislation that allows the sale of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as separate from the primary residence (in participating cities). In this blog post, we'll explore how this significant development could affect both home sellers and buyers in Lake Tahoe depending on which cities choose to participate, highlighting the opportunities it brings to the local real estate market.

Empowering Lake Tahoe Home Sellers:

If you're a homeowner in Lake Tahoe looking to sell your property, AB 1033 is fantastic news. Previously, ADUs were typically bundled together with the primary residence, limiting your options for maximizing the value of these additional living spaces. However, this new legislation changes the game entirely. Now, you have the freedom to sell ADUs as standalone units, which can significantly enhance the marketability and profitability of your property.

Cole Mizak, your Lake Tahoe real estate agent, is uniquely positioned to assist home sellers in this new landscape. Cole and his team can help you showcase your ADU as an income-generating asset, a sought-after vacation rental, or even as a separate living space for family members. This newfound flexibility means you can appeal to a broader range of buyers, potentially leading to quicker and more profitable home sales.

Newsom has left the decision up to the cities as to whether or not they choose to adopt AB 1033. At this time, none of the cities and towns around Lake Tahoe have taken a definitive stance on the bill, however we expect that to change in 2024.

Exciting Opportunities for Lake Tahoe Home Buyers:

For those looking to invest in Lake Tahoe real estate, AB 1033 opens up a world of possibilities. Buying ADUs separately from the primary residence presents several advantages:

  1. Income Generation: You can acquire an ADU with the intention of renting it out, offering a reliable source of rental income, especially in Lake Tahoe's bustling vacation rental market.

  2. Multigenerational Living: Families seeking homes that accommodate multiple generations can now purchase a primary residence and an ADU separately, enabling flexible living arrangements while preserving privacy.

  3. Investment Diversification: Real estate investors can expand their portfolios by acquiring ADUs as standalone assets, potentially boosting long-term growth and income.

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Agents and Realtors: Your Key Partners:

With AB 1033 in place, the role of Lake Tahoe real estate agents and realtors becomes even more crucial. Cole possess the expertise to guide home sellers through the process of selling ADUs separately, helping them understand the legal and financial aspects involved.


Assembly Bill 1033 represents a potentially game-changing opportunity for both home sellers and buyers in Lake Tahoe. For sellers, it means increased marketability and profitability, while buyers gain access to a diverse range of real estate options. Lake Tahoe real estate agents and realtors will play an instrumental role in helping clients navigate this exciting new landscape. As the region continues to be a sought-after destination, AB 1033 promises to elevate Lake Tahoe's real estate market to new heights, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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